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Customer Care

TCP Magic USA takes pride in being the exclusive distributor for Magic Aero, Engine, and Suspension products. Building on a 4 year relationship with Team Magic as well as ongoing success in Formula Drift Japan, Formula Drift Pro-Am (USA), SEMA, International Press, Partnership with Mazda USA, and more. We take each customer under our wings personally as extended Magic family. Some companies may offer multiple brands and multiple platforms. However, our team at Magic USA focuses specifically on our unique ​rotary engine platform and the international Mazda community. From street to extreme motorsports projects, we are ignited by our mutual JDM passion to guide you to building your dream car.  

Manufacturing and Shipping.


TCP Magic is proud to offer some of the fastest turn around times from Japan in terms of production as well as logistics. All products are hand made to order in Hyogo, Japan. Manufacturing time for most products is 8-12 weeks however there may be minor delays during racing season. All orders must be paid in full before production starts on the order. Ocean freight shipping is the standard method of export with a turn around of 4-6 weeks to the port of Los Angeles, CA.  Air freight is available with a 3-5 day turn around at a higher expense to clients on specific timelines. 

Wholesale / Dealer Inquiries

At this time new dealer applications are closed. There are strict qualifications required for wholesale clients. For all new considerations please contact or call 213-699-0039 for more information.

Payment Methodes

Payment Methods

• Credit / Debit Cards

• Bank Wire Transfer / Check

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